Bianco&Co. is an Interior Design studio that offers bespoke quality interiors and accessories for people and their lifestyles.
We work on unique spaces/products that hold the textures surrounding us by using high quality materials and daring design.
A Bianco project comes from the consideration of 3 basic elements: the history of the space, the minimal intervention we do and the visual impact that we want to generate by creating visual textures as a result of mixing materials or shapes. This playfulness brings graphic details that make them more ‘special’ as they contribute to tell a new story.

 ‘The floors we walk, the walls we build, the facades we look, the clothes we wear, the food we eat… everything is a texture or is generated by lots of them.
In our everyday life, we are surrounded by visual stories that communicate things waiting to be discovered. We usually do not look at them to understand how they are made, why they are made in a certain way or why they are designed to grab our attention.
If we just stopped to observe them, we would realice that there is a beauty, that there is always a side that seduces us, a poetry that is telling something.’