Welcome to B&Co.

The floors we walk, the walls we build, facades we look, clothes we wear, food we eat… everything is a texture or is generated by lots of them.

In our everyday life, we are surrounded by visual stories that communicate things waiting to be discovered. We usually do not look at them to understand how they are made, why are made in that certain way, or why they were designed to grab our attention.

If we just stopped to observe them, we would realize that there is a beauty, that there is always a side that seduces us, a poetry that is telling something.

B&Co, uses this experience to explore ways to translate these stories and contain them in textiles. We love the fact that by owning that piece of textile means that one can be part of it, one can uptake that experience and make it one own.

Welcome to B&Co., a place where we will experience together the world of textures.

We leave you some moments of the making of B&Co. with our collaborators in this project.

B&Co Team

– Communication Design by Nomad Studio. Photography by Max Segura and Lorenzo Mazzega. Make and Stylism by Montse Arans.

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